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The LidSaver™ avoids the unsanitary, messy and costly wasting of lids that you typically see at quick serve operations. Watch the LidSaver™ in action in this short video taken at the cafe at OSU Hospital East in Columbus, Ohio. LidSaver lid dispensers are designed for convenience stores and any self-serve […]

LidSaver Lid Dispenser in Action

LidSaver™ is the solution to avoid waste of drink lids with real return on investment. The cabinet delivers a single, clean, untouched lid when customers open the door, increasing convenience, preventing lid waste, improving sanitation. Each lid is protected from spills and contamination. LidSaver™ cabinets are space efficient fitting into […]

LidSaver dispensers improve your beverage station

At Gorman Supply it is our philosophy to source our products from American manufacturers. We believe in creating and keeping jobs here in the U.S.  Read some of the reasons for our sourcing decisions.

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