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We carry a full line of beverage cup dispensers, lids and condiment dispensers in our Online Store. We also provide non-toxic inks; nylon cargo straps; walking ad inflatable’s; cloth and vinyl umbrellas and many more products for retail and food and beverage establishments. Call us at (800)543-2746 or contact us.

Beverage Station Lid Solution

Keep your beverage dispenser station moving efficiently and neatly with the LidSaverâ„¢ dispenser and a full line of condiment, tissue, napkin and straw dispensers.

Improve Sanitation

  • Eliminate contamination from excess handling of lids with the sanitary single-lid dispenser
  • Keeps operations clean, addressing major consumer concerns about health and well-being

Cost Savings

  • Fewer wasted lids adds up to more savings
  • Counters are kept free of stacks of new lids and messy rejected lids, requiring less labor for cleanup

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